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Breaking down language barriers

At Mais Idiomas we are aware that the exchange of ideas we foster has to be created with tools that turn it into a reality. The predominant interculturality of our world brings with it the need to break oral and written barriers that cannot be ignored. That is why our translations involve a set of skills that aim to provide a communicative experience. We do not work with an exclusive market. Counting on an experienced, ethical team with native members in the requested lingustic combinations, we ensure countless translations in the different fields of Technology, Retail, Industry, Health, Bank, and Law. We are committed to develop projects that guarantee precision, professionalism, quality and our clients' total satisfaction, be it on a business or a personal level. We translate, on average, more than 100.000 words per month, while also always meeting the agreed on deadlines.

We receive the document

We count the words

We send out the budget (our budgets are free of charge)

We prepare the document

We send the project to the translator

We revise the translation

We edit the document

We deliver it to the client/partner


Our translation services go beyond translating documents and texts. Interpreting services also facilitate communication between various parties. Interpretation requires skills from the translator that are different in relation to the skills necessary for written translations. The professional needs to be attentive to the speech, have good memory and think fast.
Interpretation is usually used in conferences and events, meetings and accompaniment of visits, and that is why there's a distinction between the two forms of interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive.


Consecutive interpreting is suitable for events with a small group, meetings, conferences, legal hearings, official cerimonies, press conferences and tourist visits. In these cases, the interpreter translates a conversation or speech in blocks for the interveners. The speech is divided in segments. The interpreter positions themself next to the speaker and takes notes as the speech progresses. When the speaker pauses, the interpreter begins to translate part or all of the message.
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Simultaneous interpreting is appropriate for bilingual and multilingual meetings, corporate presentations, events in different fields, conferences, summits, workshops and training.
Here, the interpreter translates, simultaneously, the speaker's speech for the intervenors, inside a booth with the use of a microphone and headphones. The theme, presentations and possible speeches must be provided before the event to the interpreter.

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