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The global orientation of Mais Idiomas is always based on the achievement of the goals agreed on when building each course.

In a bespoke regime, our languages courses illustrate and substantiate the acquisiton and refinement of communicative skills, in languages such as English, German, French, Italian and/or Portuguese.


We aim to boost the socioprofessional qualification of the companies' collaborators.


We stand out because of our Communicative Approach which allows our trainees to always have an active voice in the process.


In an online environment, using Teams or Zoom, our Virtual Classrooms allow us to implement digital tools.


We provide our trainees with a wide range of digital resources, that can and should be used as a way of supplementing the knowledge acquired in the languages courses.

Business Training

A multilingual team always achieves more! Help your team to keep up with the continuous process of globalisation in which we find ourselves. With Mais Idiomas our clients are able to benefit from courses in English, German, French, Italian and/or Portuguese, with business contents specific to their needs.

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The cornerstones that characterises us
Our authenticity, practicality, flexibility and transparency - allow us to develop, create and accompany the challenges and projects that we are presented with.
The distances and time zones of the companies and their branches are no longer an obstacle with our Virtual Classrooms. Our Communicative Approach in which the trainee has an active voice during the learning process, grants our training an onLife touch, with synchronous sessions of one hour two times a week.
With a wide variety of digital learning resources and with a highly specialized traning team, we build languages courses thought out specifically for your company.

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At Mais Idiomas, the team always has a face.
Alongside the courses in a business context, Mais Idiomas also fosters trainees in an individual context. The languages courses we build always contemplate the different learning rhythms and needs of each trainee. Because every trainee is different, we are always guided by their preferences, creating a learning environment that better matches their profile.
Whatever your languages learning needs may be, we respond with a tailor-made course for you. Get in touch to find out more!
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