We're eclectic, swift and, above all, efficient in how we respond to the needs of our clients.


Speak global, act local

Mais Idiomas, Mais Reach, Mais Originality, Mais Results!
Mais Reach because we work to be the bridge that helps companies cross linguistic barriers when faced with the continuous globalisation and internationalisation of the job market.
We believe in spoken languages as Humanity's strongest cornerstone, and in the value of investing in the exchange of knowledge and ideas.
This is why Mais Idiomas has been fulfulling a predominant role in developing, creating, and accompanying the many Training and Translation services, entirely built by us, with the goal of developing communication skills between teams in a broad variety of fields.
Mais Originality because what best defines our path is authenticity and flexibility.

Our deep understanding of the specificities of each company that seeks us, allows us to work with a Communicative Approach, as we build different courses in a bespoke regime, to better accommodate the flexibility and practicality so often requested by our clients.

Mais Results because Mais Idiomas is a successful project.
We are and we make ourselves feel present. We're eclectic, swift and, above all, efficient in how we respond to the needs of our clients.

Over the years, we have been able to create long-term bonds with our partners and clients that rely on us for our transparency, authenticity, professionalism, credibility and for the way we always answer affirmatively to any challenge.
These are the cornerstones that motivate us to grow and innovate incessantly.

We're certain we have the perfect language course for you.

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In Mais Idiomas, the team always has a face.

The commitmment that Mais Idiomas takes on with its partners is made possible with a team endowed with skills in the different areas of Training and Translation. With a constant interest in matching the needs of our partners, the team at Mais Idiomas, equipped with sociopedagogical skills, eliminates the barriers that may possibly exist. Mais Idiomas is guided by transparency and is not hierarchical. The entire teams works in close collaboration and engagement with every intervener.

Meet the team that turns this learning process into a reality:

Ana Pinho

Founder & Director

Ana founded Mais Idiomas in 2008 and continues to direct every project in the company. She’s the ninja of the Team: she works in a focused, original and dedicated manner. We can count on her to think outside the box and to motivate the Team to want and reach for more.

Jonas Silva


As Chief Procurement Officer, he’s responsible for the management of all our suppliers, and for overseeing the logistics of Mais Idiomas. He never stands idly in one place. Be it with measuring tape in his hands, or making sure that we never run out of coffee (an essential item for the Team), when you visit us, you will certainly find him reinventing our space continuously.

Joana Cardoso

Financial Assistant

She’s the best of both worlds: responsible for organising the finances of Mais Idiomas, her aptitude for languages also makes it possible for her to aid other departments when necessary. She is sweet and passionate about reading. Rumour has it she has a new book every week.

Tiago Silva

Translation Project Manager

Responsible for the management of our translation projects, he connects the perfect translator to our clients’ documents. His technology knowledge makes him the Team’s tech handyman. Always in a good mood and willing to help, we also count on his wisdom on the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

Iolanda Soares

Pedagogical Manager

She manages every pedagogical project in Mais Idiomas, from the teaching process to the learning process. She is also the encyclopedia of the Team, knowing a little bit of everything. With her broad experience in teaching foreign languages, she helps our trainers and always has a word of advice for the trainees during their learning paths.

Ana Loureiro

Digital Learning Manager

Responsible for the teaching and learning resources, and for mantaining and developing digital systems and learning practices, she is the bridge between trainers and trainees. We also consider her a handyman of the Team. She sometimes teaches a few words of Spanish and German to the Team.

Trainers and Translators

Only then can we complete the Team, which in many parts of the globe, works with Mais Idiomas towards the same goal: to help those who seek us to overcome language barriers.

Mais Idiomas is also the trainers that accompany our trainees, from the beginning to the end of their learning path. It is also the translators and interpreters that use their knowledge to streamline the projects of those who seek us.

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