Certify your language knowledge


Validation of language skills

In the globalised world in which we live, linguistic skills validation is a determining factor for the acceptance of applications to international projects, universities or even in a work context. Mais Idiomas, certified by DGERT, provides a test for general knowledge in a given language, that allows the candidate to obtain a Languages Skill Certificate which substantiates a certain linguistic level.
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Linguistic LevelĀ“s Validation

During an interview, when one of the requirements is the proficiency in a foreign language, the interviewer doesn't always have the necessary proficiency in it to validate it.
Mais Idiomas provides a test for written and oral knowledge to respond to this need. At the end, a report is sent to the company with a description of the result of the validation test.

Preparation for the Cambridge Exams

Mais Idiomas is an official preparation centre for the Cambridge exams and we offer an individualised and specialised teaching with an experienced team in the preparation for the Cambridge exams.
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